Back To School Shoot with my Kiddies :)

I seriously have had so much fun taking pictures of my kids lately.  They all have their own little personalities and it just shines right through when I take pictures.  They think of their own poses and everything.  This is kind of a long post, but I have to post pictures off all three of my girls and my niece Justine.  They have been waiting for me to get my computer back so they could see the results of their hard modeling work :)  They are so excited for school to start.  If only the excitement could last all year right ? Oh and I had to change the song to something that fit the images right ????


I love this one......
I love this one......


3 thoughts on “Back To School Shoot with my Kiddies :)”

  1. Incredible little models with a fantastic photographer Mom!
    What beautiful children! You really captured the excitement of the first day of school.

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